Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why I belive it so much.

From day 1 taking Alpha Lipid, I start to do research on the ingredients..the benefits and any kind of side effects ( good n bad ). This is to make sure that I know what I'm selling. And if there's any Q about the product I can give the best answer, based on facts ... not just other's testimonial. At least I'm telling the truth.. nothing but only the truth..

Logiknyer memang tak semua org sesuai dgn Alpha I said .. ini bukan ubat magic yg boleh ilangkan semuaaaaaaaaa penyakit dan masalah kita. Tapi kalau memang kita, anak atau parents kita sakit... tak ker ada terdetik di hati nak berusaha mencari jalan memulihkan kesihatan tu...dengan ape jua petua dan cara.

Doctor pun kalau ada pesakit yg terpaksa melalui pembedahan mcm sakit jantung contohnyer... ade ker dia cakap..." saya yakin..lepas bedah nie anda akan sihat seperti sediakala." ... Ada ke?? ...selalunya... doctor akan kata... kita akan BERUSAHA sedaya upya..dan insyallah kalau takder ape2 masalah ... pesakit boleh pulih. They always make sure we understand that there's no guarantee.

Sama lah jugak dengan minuman2 kesihat yg ada..tak kisahlah traditional ker moden...takder jaminan yg diberikan " IT WILL WORK ! " ...tapi tak salahkan kalau berdasarkan testimonial pengguna sebelum2 nie...kita berusaha dan mencuba.

Thats why I never encourage any patients with bad health condition to straight away consume 2 or 1.5 scoops /day. Please... give your body a try first..take only HALF SCOOP / day.We never know unless we try and there's no harm trying coz Alpha Lipid contains no other that good nutritions, vitamins and minerals. if after a week...your body shows some good rejection... then you can increase to 2 scoop/day. And please...dont skip ...continue everyday or else you wont say much a progress that soon.

My friends now taking even 2 scoops twice a day. reason being..she discovered that by taking this nutrition product, her milk production has increase, and she wish to continue breastfeeding her baby gal. So..twice a it too much..For her No..coz she feels much better and healthier. You also can try and if its ok....go on.. As long as its giving you and your family benefits...why not right ?.

SO you will never know how good it is until you give it a try... and what you need is to pick up your phone and just give me a call 013-3405321/012-21 884 21 ... OR... just drop me an email at . I'm happy to help you anytime, anyday.

Till next article..take care !

Thank you

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