Friday, February 27, 2009

the best part of doing this bussiness .... it works by itself.

Nearly 2 months I've been selling/marketing this product, and sales are getting better and better each week. Few clients already heard about this product ( from others ) and its benefit...and they are just looking for dealer nearby. So I dont really have to convince them much...just have to be a very good seller to my clients. :). Insyallah..

Normally once they tried this product, they will feel the differences and surely will order more afterwards. And then.. they will spread the news to their close friends n relatives...and their close friends n relatives will also start buying the product..and the chain will go on ..and on... thats the best part of selling quality product. Client will come to you...and you just have to treat them nicely...

Thank you for all your support

Monday, February 16, 2009

No more sneezing !

My Hubby have this sinus problem and every morning he sneeze 5-10 times .... can feel how tiring and irritating...really pity him. BUT yesterday I realized he sneeze no more !..i think more than a week now... yea2 !..and I can see that he always make sure not to miss his breakfast - Alpha Lipid shake . Very2 happy.

I already 'paksa' my father to take this product...hahahaha...he's a bit against multilevel product..but I said..."Abah! nie akak bagi FOC nie...takyah bayor pun..minum jer, kot2 ler boleh baik sakit lutut tu. :)." He has some knee problem.. nearly went into surgery last 2 months..but we hold on since we are not sure if thats the best option. It cost RM7K . We dont mind paying if its really for his own good...but we want to find some other options 1st. Now I have this OPTION and he's taking it for nearly 3 weeks now. We'll see the progress soon. Praying hard for better results.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Alpha Lipid membantu mendapatkan zuriat...

Saya pernah terbaca...Alpha Lipid mampu mengembalikan kesuburan wanita...dan membantu kaum hawa untuk mudah mengandung. There's a testimonial regarding this issue... still i wish I can get my own personal testimonial. So... i'm offering to all wifey out there who is trying to get pregnant ( and clinically proved that you and your partner have no health prob...just no luck yet ) ..and want to try this product ..alpha lipid....i'm willing to give u guys a very2 special price..please e-mail me if you are really interested. Email :

thank you