Tuesday, June 30, 2009

BP in Palace Golden Horses

last Wednesday, we joined the Alpha LIpid BP in PGH. Suprised to see the hall full with people...nampaknya memang betul lah org kata produk nie dah mula tersebar ... and more people are joining the network. My friend said last 4 months nak dapat 50 org untuk BP pun susah...tapi itu 4 bulan yg lepas. Now they already move to a new office... since the old one is too small for such a major bussiness.

This months in total I manage to sell 100 cans of Alpha Lipid. Tak terpikir boleh jual more than 30 pun...alhamdulillah sedar2 dah dekat 100..rasanyer next month boleh target to reach that 300 cans. Who knows...rezeki dari Allah...

Jom la join sapa2 yang rasa memang mencari makanan kesihatan/supliment yg sesuai dan ingin mencuba menjana pendapatan sampingan...


Friday, June 19, 2009

Another article found on the internet...


Masa mula2 beli 30 tin Alpha Lipid...mmg target nak minum sendiri dan bagi pada family members jer. Then later hubby suggest to try selling it online. Just creat a blog and put our own testimonial... and we'll see how it goes...oklah why not. Bukan perlu kuar modal pon...just a little bit of effort to maintain a blog...no prob.

And after 3 months..Alhamdulillah ...all 30 cans SOLD OUT...dan saya akan bertukar status ke MANAGER bulan hadapan. Ingatkan mmg akan jadi Supervisor jer....just to get that 25% discount. coz I never think that I can actually go further with this business. Tapi memang tak sangka...this month I already receive my 1st bonus from New Image.

I took 2 months to gain back my money, RM4,500 which I invest to become a supervisor. i managed to sell all 30 cans of Alpha Lipid..some at RM150( if they bought 3 can ) and even some at Rm180 . And now its time to gain PROFIT from my investment. :). Actually by signing up as a Supervisor, I already received RM288 bonus. And starting last April, each can I bought, the company also gave me 25% commision.

The whole family now taking Alpha Lipid as breakfast. Baru-baru nie, my niece also start to drink Alpha Lipid due to her bad astma. Kesian tengok Khautsar bila kena astma...one time tu sampai masuk wad...kena sedut gas...nangis2 tapi terpaksa gak. Cold drinks mmg tak boleh langsung...or else sure batuk malam and later sesak nafas. Takut dengar citer my sis in law.

I suggest to her ... since theres many testimonial on how Alpha Lipid helps Astma patients, why not she give it a try. So...last 2 weeks...she starts to replace Khautsar breakfast with Alpha Lipid milk. Only once a day. Luckily Khautsar love the taste...

And I called her last Saturday. She said :

" Rasanyer ada kesan laaa....batuk still ada tapi dah tak teruk mcm selalu... "

I was soo happy to hear that, and later she ask me

" Susu ada stok lagi ? Ingat nak terus beli jer... "

Adaaaaa! stok sentiasa ada..:)....
and actually most of my client starts with 3 can...and after a month.. they will surely call me back and want to know more about the Alpha Lipid marketing Plan. Thats how I managed to get Supervisors as my downline.

Alhamdulillah, starting next month at MANAGER LEVEL ..I will receive Rm1,000 - RM4,000 bonuses each months. Seronok rasa dpt bantu my niece and at the same time membantu ekonomi keluarga. Semoga Allah mudahkan apa yg kami usahakan

Dan untuk Khautsar... m'ngah doakan awak cepat sembuh yer... nanti Fahim belanja minum Ice Blended Choc yer. :)

Till next article..wassalam