Monday, February 16, 2009

No more sneezing !

My Hubby have this sinus problem and every morning he sneeze 5-10 times .... can feel how tiring and irritating...really pity him. BUT yesterday I realized he sneeze no more !..i think more than a week now... yea2 !..and I can see that he always make sure not to miss his breakfast - Alpha Lipid shake . Very2 happy.

I already 'paksa' my father to take this product...hahahaha...he's a bit against multilevel product..but I said..."Abah! nie akak bagi FOC nie...takyah bayor pun..minum jer, kot2 ler boleh baik sakit lutut tu. :)." He has some knee problem.. nearly went into surgery last 2 months..but we hold on since we are not sure if thats the best option. It cost RM7K . We dont mind paying if its really for his own good...but we want to find some other options 1st. Now I have this OPTION and he's taking it for nearly 3 weeks now. We'll see the progress soon. Praying hard for better results.

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