Saturday, May 9, 2009

Salam & Hi to all,

Last week I manage to sell 6 can ! And that moment I start to believe that this bussiness really2 works ! not simply give us more healthy life... but the profit out of it! Awesome ! Because of that, I decided to attend New Image Success School. I was held at Sunway Hotel last saturday. So now I have a clear understanding of their bussiness/marketing plan.

To those who know me personally surely know that I also have another business : Shajaratul Design. I has been 5 years now and by doing Alpha Lipid as my side business, somehow it contributes to my cash flow. Since I dont rely on any loans ( not yet ! ..:) ) my cashflow is very2 important. Insyallah Shajaratul Design can grow 'bigger' and at the same time my ALpha network is also expending. Pray hard for that .:)


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