Monday, April 27, 2009

Once you try it, u will believe it !

I feel very happy this week. Sales are getting stronger... and most of my 1st time user are interested to become members. And I already have a pharmacy that interested to take this product.

Most of mt client said they are buying this product for the whole family so instead of getting it at RM180/can why not become member and buy 3 can at a cheaper price ( RM150 ). Betul, betul betul ! :D

And the best news own father interested to join the bussiness!....since I gave him the milk ( for free at first )...he feels much more pain ( his knee ) and more energy...sekrang nie asyik gi main golf jer coz sakit lutut dah ilang ! heheehehe.. happy for him. Last time he argue about the price... " mahalnyer" ! but now he already willing to invest in this product. :) coz its worth every sens. Since he got nothing to do ( dah bersara ) he really look forward to market this product....good luck Abah ! :) . Insyallah .

So...anyone interested to try, give me a call... 013-3405321. Free Delivery !

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