Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good for your skin.....

Update today...

Ada org tegur saya , katanyer nampak sihat dan kulit glowing skrg....aper rahsia...:). Dgn penuh semngat jawab...Kita minum Alpha Lipid !...hehehehehe..came across this one forum, one user posted her testimonial :

"I have been consuming Alpha Lipid for the past 1 month. Am into my 2nd tin now. My boyfriend bought it for me from his office mate who is selling it. It's an MLM thingy. But the product is as good as they claim, no doubt. I havent seen results in terms of diseases or illness coz I dont have anything to cure at the moment, just consuming it to beautify my skin.I have been consuming a collagen powder supplement as well which has indeed given me superb skin but I notice that ever since I started consuming Alpha Lipid together with my collagen supplement, glucosamine, vitamin c and probiotics in the morning, my skin has become even more luminescent and smooth. It's like Alpha Lipid actually doubles the efficacy of my other supplements. That's what I love most bout this product.I read that it actually helps slim a person down but I havent seen that result yet Nway, I think Alpha Lipid is a great product and I plan to consume it every month. "

I truly believes that Alpha Lipid is a good supliment for everyone. Why ? Because it has all the best ingredient, and its MILK....:)


From :http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/850408

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