Saturday, January 10, 2009

This is my 1st entry in this blog...And this blog is created for me to discuss further on this wonderful product from New Zealand :LIFELINE ALPHA LIPIDSomeone close to me introduce this product a month a go....mulanya nak cuba dulu . Nak tgk far mmg ada improvement.I'm now 36 weeks pregnant and my EDD is end of this month. Since 30 weeks pregn, i always feel tired and sometimes really hard to get up in the morning. this is my 3rd baby,and a lot different from my previous pregnancy...less energy and always have leg cramps. Never had such experience in the previous 2...:( I was really looking for ways to help reduce the simptom. They said I lack of Calcium..and need to consume more milk.

So.. i start drinking Alpha Lipid, hoping that it will help.And Alhamdulillah.. it helps to reduce the leg cramps. Not totally but at least now I have the energy to walk around Jaya Jusco for 2-3 hours... hehehe..Can feel the difference after 2-3 weeks. So I start to browse thru the net.... to understand more about this product.. its benefits especially. From there , I think its worth a try.

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